Confusing soul!

Hey there, my soul
Why do keep on changing your role
Sometimes you want me to become an astraunaut
And somethings you say.. Matter not
Sometimes you say, do whatever you want
And sometimes you say, world will taunt
Sometimes you say, what if you fail in it
And sometimes… Uff… You say.. You will nail it
”World will follow you one day” , sometimes you tell
And the very next moment… ” don’t expect much ” you yell.

Oh boy, my confusing soul.

Hi there, well you have reached here by suffering even the worst situation. Everyday is not the same day.

So stay positive and keep working for your dream. Not this time but definitely next time.

Comment down if you have been through worst days of your life and how did you overcome them.

©copyright 2020_whereabouts of Contemplation

To shop or not to shop #extreme consumerism

Just have a look in your house, your closet, your shoe rack, your makeup kit, and see how many things have you used which you think that yes, it was worth the money you paid and also, you have used it efficiently ?

Source – Pinterest

How often you just opened a shopping app during a Christmas or diwali sale, where you were not in need of anything for real, but that window shopping and that “80% off or Buy one get 2 free” thing made you fill your cart and made a delivery executive reach your door step the very next day ?

Well, here are few things that we do not realise –

1. The rich (corporates) are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

One of the simple analogy is that these big corporates and manufacturers aggressively markets their products, which leads to a slight dopamine (happy hormone) rush in us, and we end up buying things we later realise are no less than garbage. But we can’t do anything then except to regret.

2. WhatsApp, facebook, instagram or any other social media platform can also be blamed for rising consumerism today.

Source – Pinterest

Every one on social media today posts about their expensive possessions, be it a new car, or recent holiday, or a house, or LV bag, or having dinner in best hotel of the country, and then posting about it, is not wrong, but the one who could not afford it would get jealous and depressed that why am I not in this person’s place and the one who could afford it but did not need it at all would end up getting it or even more priced item just to show it off and post stories about it.

3. Corporates are making you spend more in so many different ways. I was once watching a documentary about the most famous 7 star hotel of india, wherein, the manager of the BAR in the hotel, was discussing with the chefs to make the snacks to be served in the bar more salty, so that people consume more alcohol.

The outlets are now designed in such a way so that people spend more time there. Like introducing a kids play area so that parents can concentrate on shopping, the aroma in the stores of Starbucks or sephora makes us be there for a little more time so that we may roam in the store and may end up buying few extra products.

Source – Pinterest

Similarly, the grocerie malls like Costco, etc have designed their malls in such a way that people will have to roam around the store to get the product of their need, so that, while roaming around, they may also purchase extra goods that are coming their way, although it is not mentioned in their grocerie list. This is how they makes us spend more.

Stores like IKEA have food courts within them so that people coming with families spend more time in the outlet, so even if you just came to have some tasty food in food court and you had no plans to purchase anything, the moment you would see other people having some shopping bags in their hands, chances are that you would most likely pay a visit at their home furnishing area !!

If you have say 3 different handbags and those are more then enough for your office and party needs, and say that your friends have seen all of them, and now for instance there’s a party coming next weekend, most likely you would either buy a new bag as the other 3 have already been seen by those group of friends of yours or you would borrow a bag from another friend of a different friend circle or your cousin to just show off, and would pretend as if it’s your own bag.

It’s a high time now, with rising of extreme consumerism, we are creating a problem of pollution, depleting scarce resources, creating feeling of jealousy, envy, anxiety, depression.

Your comments would be appreciated. Bye.!!

Mid 20 crises

Hi wordpress fam😍! How are you ? Well today I thought to write about something which I realised a couple of days back, that the kind of thoughts and anxieties i have been dealing with since few months can be summarized as my “mid 20 crises”🥴😵.

I have heard like a lot about mid 40 crises, but have heard very less about mid 20 crises / quarter life crises.

The thoughts that have been coming in my mind are –

● my current job that I am not liking pays more🤯, compared to the one which I like, and I wanna really do the latter one.

● peer pressure sometimes overpower a lot. I dont really understand that why do we consider that life it’s a race? Why dont we consider it a journey ?

Every human has a different pace, different paths, different finishing lines right !!!

By comparing, and just pushing ourself more and more like others and harming ourself mentally would lead us where ???

● about future investments, where to invest the savings, as money makes money, and investment of money > money in the bank, but the hard earned money should also go at the right place.

I have plans of investment, but yes, still working on’em, and getting confused a whole lot 🤑😑🤑😑

Thanks for reading so far.

Shoot your views in the comments.!!

Do you like your job ? (Be honest 😅)

Hi everybody. Well I am back, after a long time, but before anything, I would like to tell my wordpress family that i got a job, which I was looking for since months, in october 2020. Although the job is absolutely related to my professional studies, but I never wanted exactly that profile and location. But, ummmm, there were 2 things,

1. The company is reputed and its name in your future resume matters a whole lot. And we got to respect an employer who believed you in the tough times.

2. And, to be honest, peer pressure overpowered me. I wasn’t able to resist because my friends had job and I did not. So, I took the job.

But, I mean to each his own, there’s one thing which I realised the most in this 1 month. I realised that why most of the people do not like their jobs.😅😂 but they still do it (and yes, I am also included in these people😂)

One thing, to reach up in a big corporate, apart from giving your 100%, you definitely need 1 kind of person – A mentor. These people are very rare, and the moment you find them, never let go them from your life until you/they die(whichever is earlier, LOL😂).

Well, to me, I like that job which not just only talks, but also makes sure that work life balance is maintained, because that’s my first priority.

A question to my readers, if you have done any job, what’s the thing that you have realised the most, and most importantly, do you like your job ??? Waiting for your comments


Due Respect !

On social media, he says, “Anyone having anxiety , come and talk to me

When going to him for talking anxiety , most of them says , “I dont have time, who is he“!

On social media, when someone posts about helping job seekers, there are 1000s of likes and beautiful comments

When someone in genuine reaches out these comment writers for job referral, there’s no “yes/no/I don’t know/I can’t help/sorry/will let you know/connect other person for this” , there is rather complete silence

On social media “everyone shows off their job designations and seems to have reached where they wanted to be

While in reality, “no one wants to genuinely and publically talk about immoral things happening extremely

I myself am a job seeker since pandemic, and each time I open portals like LinkedIn, I end up shutting the app down and getting even more depressed, because majority posts there are so fake, unnatural, which the one writing would also not mean them.

Whomsoever reading this post and can help a job seeker even by referring him, or just by replying that he is not the right person to help, trust me, the job seeker would still thank you as at least you have replied to him and paid heed to what he wanted to ask, by not ignoring him and giving him due respect.

Beautiful lyrics back then to hilarious lyrics now! (Indian cinema)

Hi. Well I am back with another post. This is happening for the very first time in my life since I started blogging, that I am posting 2 posts on 1 day.

Anyways, i was feeling low today , and to cheer myself up, I watch motivational videos on Tedx, but today I did something different.⬇️

Someone in my life (aka Jeetu bhaiya) told me that old bollywood songs have explained the realities and ways of living life beautifully. Unlike today’s songs which may be good on the beats but are pathetic with lyrics and has no meaning.

This made me search old bollywood songs and I started listening to them and I realised that yes, the lyrics back then and now have changed drastically, and are hilarious if you read them.

Let me tell you how-:

OLD songs (language: Hindi)

Kisi ki muskurahaton pe ho nisar
Kisi ka dard mil sake to le udhaar
Kisi ke waaste ho tere dil mein pyaar
Jeena isi ka naam hai

Ek din bik jayega mati ke mol jag me rah jayege pyare tere bol
Duje ke hotho ko dekar apne git
Koi nishani chhod phir duniya se dol
Ek din bik jayega mati ke mol
Jag me rah jayege pyare tere bol

Yeh jeevan hain is jeevan ka
Yehi hai, yehi hai, yehi hai rang roop

Thode ghum hai, thodi khushiyan

Yehi hai, yehi hai, yehi hai chaao dhoop
Yeh jeevan hai.

Yeh na socho ismein apni haar hai ke jeet hai

Use apanalo jo bhio jeevan ki reet hai

Sajan Re Jhooth Mat Bolo
Khuda Ke Paas Jaana Hai
Na Haathi Hai Na Ghoda Hai,
Wahan Paedal Hi Jana Hai
Tumhare Mehel Chaubaare
Yahin Reh Jayenge Saare
Akad Kis Baat Ki Pyaare
Yeh Sar Phir Bhi Jhukaana Hai
So on and so forth….


Teri mummy ki jai
Kya cheez banai
Doodh pe jaise aayi ho malaai
Chitti chitti bang bang
Chitti kalaaiy teri aag laga de jaisi diyasalai
Main international yeah par gaana mere loco
Tu hai sexy baaki hai so so
Main tera kaka tu meri koko

Ke dil kare chu che chu che che
Ke dil kare che chu chu che che

Tu toh lagdi aa mujhe gori maama vargi
Teri tutti phutti boli mujhpe jaadu kargi

Raat ke baje thhe gyara
Main samjha nahi ishara
Romantic shabdon mein
Usne bol hi daala

Kehti ghar pe challo
Kuch ghante reh lungi

Ghar pe Ludo khelungi
Woh boli dil bhi de dungi

Bum Tera Gotay Khaye, Kamar Pe Teri Butterfly,

Body Teri Makkhan Jaise, Khane Mein Bas Tu Butter Khaye

Gaadi two seater banda main alone

Mujhse tu baat kar, kya dekhti hai phone

Aaja mere paas

Main daal doon chaabhi tere ignition mein

Let me turn you on

Ice Cream Khaungi

Kashmir Jaaungi

Sholo Mein Bhadke Jiyaa

Jalve Karaungi

Usko Rijhaungi

Jo Hoga Mera Piya

The list would keep on increasing until these songs are played by DJ in clubs and pubs😅🤣🤣

That’s why it is said : OLD IS GOLD.🌝


Unanswered Modi!

Hola people. Hope everyone is doing well in which ever part of the universe they are currently.

Well the Indian GDP numbers which came flashing just in news headlines and no debates about it in the main stream media made me write this article. Even if someone does not understand economics, this is something which apparently affects a newborn, and also the most aged fellow.

Post 2018, when that so called “Modi Wave” again came into force have now made us so helpless, but our finance minister blamed it as Act of god, as if coronavirus was there in the nation since 2014, and there was nothing wrong with the pathetic policies they brought into the country

Why are these cases not addressed by Central Council members on Twitter, which is currently acting as Parliament house-:

●Indian GDP hits rock bottom, its -23.9% in Quarter 1 FY 20-21. And if you blame just coronavirus, well to inform the government a bit more with gdp data

Q1 FY 19-20 : 5.1%, Q2: 4.4%, Q3: 4.1%, Q4: 3%, if corona would have not come into picture, estimated gpd in Q1 FY 20-21 would have been just 2%.

But for the government it’s like APNA KAAM BANTA , BHAAD ME JAAE JANTA

●The job loss of salaried individual in July 2020 has been 50 lacs. This is what is reported by CMIE, the situation is much severe. A total of 1.9 crore jobs lost since April 2020.

But, modi ji would do anything for Ambanis and Adanis.

●There are so many educated youth who are freshers but there is no professional market to absorb them, hundreds and thousands of them coming in near future, millions of them waiting for government to conduct certain exams (like SSC CGL), the official notification of which came in 2018.

But government servants into politics would get their timely salaries and pensions post retirement as well.

●In Sushant Singh Rajput case, we have the call recordings of him in just a search away, with which we have nothing as such to do, (except for the fact that truth should come out, but apparently every mainstream media is becoming a CBI of its own), but where our hard earned donated money of PM CARES FUND is gone, we have no information!

Hello Republic TV, Zee News, Ambani’s network 18, News nation, India TV, Aaj Taq etc.

●The NPA’s of banks will double by the end of this year. Still instead of supporting RBI, the government is telling states to obtain loan from RBI for GST which the government was supposed to pay out of it’s own funds.

But They have money to offer MLA’s to purchase them from the opposition party under the table. Its so obvious from their government coming into force in MP this year and the whole drama in Rajasthan.

● The floods in Bihar has been a normal activity for the government which needs no media attention.

Hey, the government is having ample of money for flower showering and decoration, photoshoot of the Prime Minister with a peacock and spreading it on news as if it is candid.

It’s not that I am against BJP or Congress or anyone, it’s just that, we should criticize government on their wrong actions. But the way this government restricted ways and also purchased one important pillars of democracy which is the indian media, this is where the problem begins.

I really want something like congressional hearing that happens in USA should happen in our country and the people in power should be questioned in front of media which should be telecasted live.

Rewind button

Hello reader friends,hope you are doing well in such unprecedented times. Even I am trying the same.

But you know, sometimes, life becomes so stagnant/monotonous/unfavorable, that you feel like having a rewind button in your life for real, so that you could go back to the beautiful times of the past you never miss cherishing and talking about.

I no where am tryin’ to say that escape from reality..ofcourse you can’t and you shouldn’t. But there are days when you feel very low and want good old days, right!

Remember that jump in the rain puddles
Or you have forgotten it in the life hurdles?
Remember the day you were appointed as class monitor
Or you have forgotten in walking adulthood’s 1000 kilometers ?
Remember the days of parent-teacher’s meet
Or you have forgotten it in everyday unwilling employer greet
Remember the days of watching loony toons ,Oswald and Dr Dexter
Or have you forgotten it in neverending deadlines at work
Remember going to friends bday party and standing nearest to the cake distrubution counter
Or do you now stand nearest to the booze counter

Do you feel like going back ,and wish we had a rewind button to live life with no worries, tensions, politics, gossips, back bitching, EMI, job hunt, employee reference, promotions, hiring and firing, impressing employer, deadlines, hatred, saving, investment, minting money from money.?

Well I sometimes do. But since that’s not possible, so I just cherish those days in the form of writing such posts.

Hope you liked it.
Thanks for reading.
Waiting to read your comments now.

You are not alone ! Are you ?

Source : pinterest

Few things I have observed myself or witnessed and relate myself… just wanted to know as to whether you relate to these situations or not!!

1. If you watch beautiful travel vlogs and imagine yourself to be at that place and walking 1000s of miles,
but you get annoyed the moment you sit on your bed/chair and you hear your mom calling you to give her glasses which is just 10 steps away…..

you are not alone.

2. If any situation in your life takes just one step out of 1000 steps…in favourable direction..
and you start imagining yourself as if you crossed all 1000steps.. but then the reality turns out to be something you did not imagine

You are not alone.

3. If you happens to go to a birthday party you always wanted to go… and you are talking to yourself in the mirror while getting ready …by considering the mirror as those people you want to talk to at that party…and creating a whole script of conversation in your mind
But then after attending the party, you realise that those people did not even pay any heed to your presence (#groupism)

You are not alone.

4. If someone has referred your candidature in a job … and you imagine whole interview and wanting to take it into your direction and fetch that job … but you do not even get an interview call from talent acquisition panel for months

You are not alone.

5. If you start to like a guy just by looking at him in the workplace or school corridor…somehow get to know his name to stalk him on facebook…and imagining as if “he wants you in his life and wants you to be his girlfriend
..but in reality he is not even aware of your existence on this planet

You are not alone.

6. If you generate hatred for someone just on the basis of what others feel about her….but she was the one who shared her umbrella with you while at the bus stand on the day when it was heavily raining..and not your friends…
And then you realise how wrong were you

You are not alone.

Learnings in 22 years till date

1. Fantasizing and creating stories in your mind may just help you to disappear from reality, but wouldn’t change it. Try facing reality. It would make you strong.

2. Before speaking..make sure that your words are true, make sense and are necessary. If any 1 of these is missing, give your sentence a second thought.

3. If you are listening to someone telling a secret of others, he is definitely telling your secrets to others.

4. Strangers would try to help you more than your relatives. If you do not believe, try LinkedIn, you will surely realise over a course of time.

5. Relatives would just pretend that they care and gives you the finest of advise, but in most cases (not all cases) they are advising you something they would never give to their children.

They pretend that they did so much for you but apparently , they used us much more for them and publically displaying their nothingness to heavy favours towards us.

If you find them relatable..I would love to read in the comments below as #relatable.


Remember that uniform?! (Part 1)

Aloha folks.

From past few days, I am really missing the days of my childhood and school, (may be because of all this mess around the world of covid, earthquakes, cyclones, media, encounters, etc and the mess of job hunt in my life already) so i opened pinterest and started reading childhood quotes.

There came some photos in front of me which compelled me to write this post and share them with my wordpress family.

I am pretty sure that the moment you see these photos , you will also remember your “SCHOOL DAYS” and “THAT SCHOOL UNIFORM” which we hated while in school but now, wanting to wear them and go back in those days.

These photos made my day today 😅😀

So did you relate your school days to any of these photos? If yes, I would love to know the best part from your school days in the comments below.

Like I used to love group presentations where the teacher used to sit on the last bench and watch every student speak in front of mates giving hilarious presentations without being prepared. 😂😂😂

If this post is relatable, share it with your school buddies and remember those lovely memories of bunking classes , becoming class monitor, becoming teacher’s favourite or most notorious kid of the class, recess, snatching food, finishing lunch box before recess, collecting funds from class mates for a project, group presentations, pen fight, giving a pen or a pencil to class mates and never getting it back, school bag, exam bag, uniform, identity card, medical checkup, computer class, so and and so forth, this list is endless.


Stay safe.