Unanswered Modi!

Hola people. Hope everyone is doing well in which ever part of the universe they are currently.

Well the Indian GDP numbers which came flashing just in news headlines and no debates about it in the main stream media made me write this article. Even if someone does not understand economics, this is something which apparently affects a newborn, and also the most aged fellow.

Post 2018, when that so called “Modi Wave” again came into force have now made us so helpless, but our finance minister blamed it as Act of god, as if coronavirus was there in the nation since 2014, and there was nothing wrong with the pathetic policies they brought into the country

Why are these cases not addressed by Central Council members on Twitter, which is currently acting as Parliament house-:

●Indian GDP hits rock bottom, its -23.9% in Quarter 1 FY 20-21. And if you blame just coronavirus, well to inform the government a bit more with gdp data

Q1 FY 19-20 : 5.1%, Q2: 4.4%, Q3: 4.1%, Q4: 3%, if corona would have not come into picture, estimated gpd in Q1 FY 20-21 would have been just 2%.

But for the government it’s like APNA KAAM BANTA , BHAAD ME JAAE JANTA

●The job loss of salaried individual in July 2020 has been 50 lacs. This is what is reported by CMIE, the situation is much severe. A total of 1.9 crore jobs lost since April 2020.

But, modi ji would do anything for Ambanis and Adanis.

●There are so many educated youth who are freshers but there is no professional market to absorb them, hundreds and thousands of them coming in near future, millions of them waiting for government to conduct certain exams (like SSC CGL), the official notification of which came in 2018.

But government servants into politics would get their timely salaries and pensions post retirement as well.

●In Sushant Singh Rajput case, we have the call recordings of him in just a search away, with which we have nothing as such to do, (except for the fact that truth should come out, but apparently every mainstream media is becoming a CBI of its own), but where our hard earned donated money of PM CARES FUND is gone, we have no information!

Hello Republic TV, Zee News, Ambani’s network 18, News nation, India TV, Aaj Taq etc.

●The NPA’s of banks will double by the end of this year. Still instead of supporting RBI, the government is telling states to obtain loan from RBI for GST which the government was supposed to pay out of it’s own funds.

But They have money to offer MLA’s to purchase them from the opposition party under the table. Its so obvious from their government coming into force in MP this year and the whole drama in Rajasthan.

● The floods in Bihar has been a normal activity for the government which needs no media attention.

Hey, the government is having ample of money for flower showering and decoration, photoshoot of the Prime Minister with a peacock and spreading it on news as if it is candid.

It’s not that I am against BJP or Congress or anyone, it’s just that, we should criticize government on their wrong actions. But the way this government restricted ways and also purchased one important pillars of democracy which is the indian media, this is where the problem begins.

I really want something like congressional hearing that happens in USA should happen in our country and the people in power should be questioned in front of media which should be telecasted live.

Author: an observer

A person who feel relaxed by writing and reading writeups of amazing writers worldwide!

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