Rewind button

Hello reader friends,hope you are doing well in such unprecedented times. Even I am trying the same.

But you know, sometimes, life becomes so stagnant/monotonous/unfavorable, that you feel like having a rewind button in your life for real, so that you could go back to the beautiful times of the past you never miss cherishing and talking about.

I no where am tryin’ to say that escape from reality..ofcourse you can’t and you shouldn’t. But there are days when you feel very low and want good old days, right!

Remember that jump in the rain puddles
Or you have forgotten it in the life hurdles?
Remember the day you were appointed as class monitor
Or you have forgotten in walking adulthood’s 1000 kilometers ?
Remember the days of parent-teacher’s meet
Or you have forgotten it in everyday unwilling employer greet
Remember the days of watching loony toons ,Oswald and Dr Dexter
Or have you forgotten it in neverending deadlines at work
Remember going to friends bday party and standing nearest to the cake distrubution counter
Or do you now stand nearest to the booze counter

Do you feel like going back ,and wish we had a rewind button to live life with no worries, tensions, politics, gossips, back bitching, EMI, job hunt, employee reference, promotions, hiring and firing, impressing employer, deadlines, hatred, saving, investment, minting money from money.?

Well I sometimes do. But since that’s not possible, so I just cherish those days in the form of writing such posts.

Hope you liked it.
Thanks for reading.
Waiting to read your comments now.

You are not alone ! Are you ?

Source : pinterest

Few things I have observed myself or witnessed and relate myself… just wanted to know as to whether you relate to these situations or not!!

1. If you watch beautiful travel vlogs and imagine yourself to be at that place and walking 1000s of miles,
but you get annoyed the moment you sit on your bed/chair and you hear your mom calling you to give her glasses which is just 10 steps away…..

you are not alone.

2. If any situation in your life takes just one step out of 1000 steps…in favourable direction..
and you start imagining yourself as if you crossed all 1000steps.. but then the reality turns out to be something you did not imagine

You are not alone.

3. If you happens to go to a birthday party you always wanted to go… and you are talking to yourself in the mirror while getting ready …by considering the mirror as those people you want to talk to at that party…and creating a whole script of conversation in your mind
But then after attending the party, you realise that those people did not even pay any heed to your presence (#groupism)

You are not alone.

4. If someone has referred your candidature in a job … and you imagine whole interview and wanting to take it into your direction and fetch that job … but you do not even get an interview call from talent acquisition panel for months

You are not alone.

5. If you start to like a guy just by looking at him in the workplace or school corridor…somehow get to know his name to stalk him on facebook…and imagining as if “he wants you in his life and wants you to be his girlfriend
..but in reality he is not even aware of your existence on this planet

You are not alone.

6. If you generate hatred for someone just on the basis of what others feel about her….but she was the one who shared her umbrella with you while at the bus stand on the day when it was heavily raining..and not your friends…
And then you realise how wrong were you

You are not alone.

Learnings in 22 years till date

1. Fantasizing and creating stories in your mind may just help you to disappear from reality, but wouldn’t change it. Try facing reality. It would make you strong.

2. Before speaking..make sure that your words are true, make sense and are necessary. If any 1 of these is missing, give your sentence a second thought.

3. If you are listening to someone telling a secret of others, he is definitely telling your secrets to others.

4. Strangers would try to help you more than your relatives. If you do not believe, try LinkedIn, you will surely realise over a course of time.

5. Relatives would just pretend that they care and gives you the finest of advise, but in most cases (not all cases) they are advising you something they would never give to their children.

They pretend that they did so much for you but apparently , they used us much more for them and publically displaying their nothingness to heavy favours towards us.

If you find them relatable..I would love to read in the comments below as #relatable.


Remember that uniform?! (Part 1)

Aloha folks.

From past few days, I am really missing the days of my childhood and school, (may be because of all this mess around the world of covid, earthquakes, cyclones, media, encounters, etc and the mess of job hunt in my life already) so i opened pinterest and started reading childhood quotes.

There came some photos in front of me which compelled me to write this post and share them with my wordpress family.

I am pretty sure that the moment you see these photos , you will also remember your “SCHOOL DAYS” and “THAT SCHOOL UNIFORM” which we hated while in school but now, wanting to wear them and go back in those days.

These photos made my day today 😅😀

So did you relate your school days to any of these photos? If yes, I would love to know the best part from your school days in the comments below.

Like I used to love group presentations where the teacher used to sit on the last bench and watch every student speak in front of mates giving hilarious presentations without being prepared. 😂😂😂

If this post is relatable, share it with your school buddies and remember those lovely memories of bunking classes , becoming class monitor, becoming teacher’s favourite or most notorious kid of the class, recess, snatching food, finishing lunch box before recess, collecting funds from class mates for a project, group presentations, pen fight, giving a pen or a pencil to class mates and never getting it back, school bag, exam bag, uniform, identity card, medical checkup, computer class, so and and so forth, this list is endless.


Stay safe.


We Multifaceted

Hey folks, hope you all are safe during this dreadful time of Corona, toxic media, fake news, earth quakes, cyclones, business losses, clever government and firing out of jobs, which is in trend at the moment!

So On 14th June 2020, one of the amazing actor of Bollywood committed suicide “sushant singh rajput” who was just 34 years old and materially, had everything that one would dream about. I am not going into the detail as to why he took such step but my concern in the poem is when the social media got flooded with mental well  being messages where thousands of them were just copy and paste. And ,many of them who were posting such messages on their social media handles do not even bother to reply you on WhatsApp for weeks and days.

This poem is based on we humans who have multiple faces, different in front of different people, not trying to be ourself! Here it is-

•We say ” he died of depression, he should have talked to one of us “
•But Poor human, we,behind his back, used to call him disgust
•We used him to just get our commitments done
•We have never talked of something which has led his mental peace to burn
•We say ” don’t judge a book only by its cover “
•But we have judged everyone from their attire, car, job, bank, body, house, spouse and color
•Before judging them, we need to first rediscover
•What we say , do we genuinely feel
•Or are we just pretending in reel ?
•Writing mental well being quotes on   social media like an appeal
•Better we first learn how to heal and be healed !

Even I many a times feel disheartened and broken due to things not going in my way, and not just me but so many. We humans need to openly and genuinely talk about this without any example to refer in real life , right !

I hope you get the message I am trying to communicate. Would like to read your thoughts about the same, so please do comment your view point.

Press like only if you genuinely liked and read it till the end.

Thanks for stopping by. KEEP OBSERVING AND RESPONDING.😇💚✌🙏🧚‍♀️.

Unfortunate Migrants!

There has been a photo getting highly viral over the social media platform where a child is asleep on a trolly bag and is being dragged by his mother. There are several devastating photos and this is one of them. Although I have the basic comfort required at the moment, but it gives me goosebumps if I imagine myself at this lady’s place.

Here is the poem which my disturbed mind compelled me to write-(plot : if this mother replies her son about their current position)

Few Rich, becoming rich of the richest
We Poors, forced to become poor of the poorest

We Migrants on road, wanting just a train or a bus
But Government or employer, who to cuss

Bread and butter, not seen for days
Have Biscuit and water , there are no other ways

Although many fellas are trying to feed and support us
But we are so many, and they are not enough

No one except few can feel our damages
The One having lavish shelters are busy being helpless
And accepting freakin challenges

Media, just showing us and getting views
But when will we be reaching our homes, there is hardly any news

I know you are tired and want to rest
But unfortunately there are many more kilometres ahead
for our family to welcome us as guest

Until then, sleep on this trolly bag
And let me begin to drag.

If you genuinely feel the same or similar, by imagining your well being by stepping into the shoes of migrants, I humbly request you to share it on which ever social media platform you feel likely sharing, if you can.Thanks for reading

.©copyright 2020_Rupal Garg.

Keeping calm is getting a little tougher

Keeping calm is getting tougher and tougher each day. Well this unseen undreamt and unwanted enemy which has been named covid 19 is examining a whole lot of patience of sapiens.

It can be a little depressing poem as it contains the reality which no news channel can show. It can just be realised,  so brace yourself!

Although mankind is trying his level best to keep himself and others motivated. However, there is a limit to everything . Stuff like ” Everything is gonna be alright”, “everyday is not the same day “,” with every night, follows a morning “.. So on and so forth…. Have honestly started frustrating me a little bit, the basic reason is of course being locked down for more than 40 days (here in India) now and (being unemployed even when you are fully competent.. By competent I mean I am a recently qualified Chartered Accountant, and which is one of the toughest courses in India) , and God knows for how many more days. Even after trying my best to keep myself engaged with some or the other stuff, it is difficult for me to knowingly not see the reality.

Hats off to the people who have kept themselves absolutely motivated till date, but, I being a little frustrated, thought of writing my heart out and also my practical observations, so here it is –

°People having enough money have no means to spend
°People wanting money have no means to earn
°People, having clean hands still not shake hand
°People’s smile, is now hidden
°Air is pure but mask is mandatory
°no long drives even when roads are empty
°People having enough time can’t plan to travel or get together
°Rise in both.. Corona divorces and Corona babies
°Work from home has made people forget even weekends
° cooking in household is like crazy, but you can’t invite any
°rise in patients and people dying
°we can’t even say a final good bye

I know this post is depressing but I just wanted to relieve my heavy heart from all this mess around all of us.

Stay safe and stay tuned folks. And yes, try to keep calm! I am trying not to loose my patience.

Liebster Blogger Nominations

Namaste fellas!
Hope everyone is at home and taking good care of themselves and near -dear ones. I am very happy to announce that I have been nominated for the Liebster award by Aditi Verma. This is my first ever nomination so I’m really greatful to Aditi to nominate me. You should definitely check out the blog as it has got some fun articles on a variety of topics.

Rules To The Liebster Blogger Award:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and give a link to the blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3. Share 11 facts about yourself
4. Nominate between 5-11 other bloggers
5. Ask your nominees 11 questions
6. Notify your nominees once you’ve uploaded your post.

*****please read the last lines of this post, its my personal request, please don’t ignore it.****

11 Facts About Me

1. I am a recently qualified chartered accountant from India.
2. I am a good freestyle dancer (i accept it inside of me , but outside , I just deny)
3. I love playing with kids and toddlers.
4. I am a converstaion beginner.
5. I am very punctual. I believe time of everyone is precious. Neither be too early or too late.
6. I like to write on the things I experience or witness myself.
7. I will always forgive a person in a situation where things were in no one’s control.
8. I just hate groupism especially at the places where everyone knows everyone but would still ignore.
9. I am 22 years old (well, age is just a number)!
10. I have a very strong attachment with my family and cousins.
11. Shin chan is my favourite cartoon. If we become like shin chan, we will never die due to stress issues for sure.

Aditi’s Questions for Me

Q1: When and how did you start blogging?

Ans: Well, blogging was not something which I always admired to begin, its just that I get stress free when I write on an issue which i think i can’t share by talking to others.

Q2: What is your favorite quote?

Ans: ” You can never be overdressed or overeducated – Oscar Wilde”

Q3: Beaches or mountains? Ans: Mountains (Provided , there is greenary out there)

Q4: If you had an extra hour in the day, what will you be doing?

Ans: Well this is a difficult question. If i answer it as per scenerio of this global pandemic, I really don’t need an extra hour. Every day seems too long.

Q5: What is your all-time favorite food? Ans: South and North Indian, any day.

Q6: Would you rather read a book or watch a movie? Ans: Watch a Movie.

Q7: How do you deal with stress?

Ans: Just look around yourself and remember that you are greatful for what you have, there are people out there in the world who are struggling to get something which you have already.

Q8: What appeals to you most, soul or appearance of a person?

Ans: Well it depends. If you just look at the person for the very first time, what you have got to appeal is appearence. That is why it is said, love at first site and one sided love may be dangerous. So know the soul too.

Q9: What message would you like to give to your future self?

Ans: Earn, burn, save, and have fun!

Q10: What are you most thankful for in your life?

Ans: I am thankful for so many things in my life. Like-

  • thankful to my parents for giving me such a beautiful life till date,
  • Thankful to my friends and cousines to help me make it interesting and full of gossips
  • Thankful to elders and almighty to always shower their blessings on me
  • thankful to all those people who taught me any lesson at any point of time in my life

Q11: How are you spending time during the COVID19 crisis?

Ans: Sleeping, eating, reading amazing bloggers, netflixing, doing some certification courses, learning how to cook

11 Questions for nominees

  • How do you relieve your stress?
  • What’s your favourite timepass?
  • Your dream destination.
  • How was your life before coronavirus? (Although covid has made our lives miserable, but there are several people whose life before and after covid is no different. )
  • Choose one! (or you can choose more if you describe it) Is blogging/writing your * Profession * Passion * hobby * Timepass
  • 5 things you can’t live without at present.
  • Any habit you wanna quit but struggling at it. (hey , here there is no one judging you, so relax and write, I like people who accept the reality)
  • Your favourite food/cuisine.
  • The activities you are doing during lockdown.
  • Choose one (where you would love to go when situation is back on track) : * Clubbing *Beaches * Mountains * Adventure Parks
  • The quote you would read at the time when life is not going the way you are expecting it to go.

My 11 Nominees

1. Craig Lock

2. A Spoonful of Dri 3. Welcome to the artistc words
4. On the Path less travelled
5. fun with philosophy
6. Durkwa
7. Yamini Writes
8. Aarzu
9. The beautiful savage
10. Madhavi
11.Anxious Christian Girl

My personal request –

I would love it if you do not thank me and do not give the link of my post, (which apparently is the first rule of this award) . Its just my opinion and belief. To each his own. I am not doing it for recognition or whatsoever. You can Just mention in the beginning that “I have been nominated for this award” without thanking me, that’s it, I will be more than happy .


Rupal Garg.

You drive or driven?

Source : Pinterest

Are you the one who drives or the one who is driven?

Just think for a while and give your own definition

To help you with this a tiny bit, here is my edition!

The ones who drive have their own opinion

They have their own word and composition

They would not just speak and listen

Rather, they would first consider ifs and precondition

And then apparently would reach their own conclusion.

The ones who are driven

Often keep their words hidden

Would listen to majority and make an addition

But wouldn’t make their own preposition

Aloha fellas! 🙂 I wish you all are safe and doing pretty well during this global pendamic.

Since you are reading this line, so I am assuming that you have read the poem written above. I would just like to clarify the context that –

1. Right is right even when no one’s doing and wrong is wrong even if everyone’s doing.

2. When you listen to others, also try to investigate on your own and speak your own mind, not just get driven away by what others are saying or portraying in front of you about a situation or person.

©rupal garg_2020

Comment down below about your take on this context or have you come across such people, because I certainly have come across many people like that, which in such a free time, made me write a poem on this realised aspect of my life!

Deadliest COVID – 19


Coronavirus, the deadliest tragedy
Deadliest, as it spreads so rapidly

Locked in the houses is just insanity
Whoever thinks so, shame on his mentality

The number of deaths on the planet seems unreality
pray the Lord to save the world, especially Italy.

Coronavirus, seems the new black hole
Social distancing, is now our major goal
Lest, this virus is enough to eat us all.

Stay safe everyone, we shall overcome this as well!

©copyright_whereabouts of Contemplation