Confusing soul!

Hey there, my soul
Why do keep on changing your role
Sometimes you want me to become an astraunaut
And somethings you say.. Matter not
Sometimes you say, do whatever you want
And sometimes you say, world will taunt
Sometimes you say, what if you fail in it
And sometimes… Uff… You say.. You will nail it
”World will follow you one day” , sometimes you tell
And the very next moment… ” don’t expect much ” you yell.

Oh boy, my confusing soul.

Hi there, well you have reached here by suffering even the worst situation. Everyday is not the same day.

So stay positive and keep working for your dream. Not this time but definitely next time.

Comment down if you have been through worst days of your life and how did you overcome them.

©copyright 2020_whereabouts of Contemplation

Author: an observer

A person who feel relaxed by writing and reading writeups of amazing writers worldwide!

38 thoughts on “Confusing soul!”

  1. Nice post.

    Well, for me, surviving came down to having loving support from those I didn’t even appreciate were behind me. Sure it was bad, it left scars that still are working to heal; it left mists over the worst moments.
    Most important, I always felt I needed to try for those I loved and that kept me moving forward.

    The big question, though, isn’t how I survived, but what I gained.. You see the hurt left me caring more and wanting to care. It left me acutely aware of the joy I may have missed but also finding pleasure in seeing the joy others may have and the little ( and large ) joys I meet every day, both in my life, and from a distance.

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  2. I feel like that iage every morning 🙂
    Although we wish to get rid of it, i think confusion helps us in becoming creative, pushing us to think abt things which wud normally remain distant. A very nicely written write-up..

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  3. Life will always throw you curves, ups and downs. The thing to remember is that there is always a lesson to be gained from every situation. Find that lesson, understand it and show gratitude. I choose to live in gratitude. It’s not easy but worthwhile. Great poem!

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  4. You are not alone, most people go through one or more periods of life that are challenging. Some lives are challenging throughout. I know in my darkest days, I would remember my family and how much I wanted to be with them, to help them, to see their lives. I would not give in to suicide because i had read that children of parents who suicide are likely to suicide themselves.
    Hang in there, the only constant in life is change – in a year or less from now you will be in a different place and I hope it is wonderful

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  5. Nice poem.
    I only know that any person that has achieved their own success (however you want to measure that) has failed and failed time again but got up and kept going after their dream until they reach it. I have not met a Bill Gates that everything went perfectly well in a straight line from 0-100.

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