Be you!

Hey… It’s the beginning of a new year

So do you have any fear 😨

That who will go far and who will be near

Well, one should be very clear

That what others think really don’t matter 😎

Just do those things that makes you feel happier 😀

But do not behave as if you do not care

As almighty believes that this is not fair

Believe in yourself and be yourself my dear

This is life, give it a cheers!

Either act insane

Or remain the same

Celebrate your birthday

Do not spoil your present because of yesterday

It will make you to feel much better

And there is one thing you should always remember

The sun is up, the sky is blue

It’s beautiful and so are you

HTML…. How to meet ladies :P

This is the journey of a well experienced manWhen I was in class 8, she was in class 5, when I was in engineering 2nd year , she was in engineering 1st year , I still was in engineering 2nd year and she was in engineering 3rd year , I then finally joined an MNC and she followed me there. So what you think, am I so dumb or a faliure, or am I talking about one girl? Absolutely not. They are all different. And above all.. The realisation in my life have been clubbed in a small poem, which is as under –

I saw a beautiful girl on Facebook and set a meeting

When I met her, I started screaming.

When I screamed, she went away

But I started dating another girl I met in the same cafe!

It was going great but something went wrong

But let bygones be bygones and just move on!

Although it took me a lot of time to recover

But I realised that don’t judge a book only by its cover!

My life became monotonous and boring

As college life is not just meant about scoring!

Then in 2nd year, I found a girl of 3rd year and we patched up

But one day she saw me with a girl of 1st year, and this led us to break up!

She did not give me any opportunity of being heard and listen

Otherwise, I would have told her that she is just my cousin.

That day I realised, find someone who give you your own personal space to live

Rather then just being over possessive!

Finally I got a job with a handsome salary

And one day, found another girl in an art gallery

Then I thought that I found the real love of my life

At that time I was just 25

She always used to talk about brands, luxuries and salary hike

Then I realised that she is not my type!

Then after a long time, I met a friend of my childhood

Who used to stay in my neighbourhood

She became such a good friend of mine

And we decided to become each other’s lifeline.

Therefore, before becoming life partners, it is very important to become friends.