Mid 20 crises

Hi wordpress fam😍! How are you ? Well today I thought to write about something which I realised a couple of days back, that the kind of thoughts and anxieties i have been dealing with since few months can be summarized as my “mid 20 crises”🥴😵.

I have heard like a lot about mid 40 crises, but have heard very less about mid 20 crises / quarter life crises.

The thoughts that have been coming in my mind are –

● my current job that I am not liking pays more🤯, compared to the one which I like, and I wanna really do the latter one.

● peer pressure sometimes overpower a lot. I dont really understand that why do we consider that life it’s a race? Why dont we consider it a journey ?

Every human has a different pace, different paths, different finishing lines right !!!

By comparing, and just pushing ourself more and more like others and harming ourself mentally would lead us where ???

● about future investments, where to invest the savings, as money makes money, and investment of money > money in the bank, but the hard earned money should also go at the right place.

I have plans of investment, but yes, still working on’em, and getting confused a whole lot 🤑😑🤑😑

Thanks for reading so far.

Shoot your views in the comments.!!

Author: an observer

A person who feel relaxed by writing and reading writeups of amazing writers worldwide!

One thought on “Mid 20 crises”

  1. Sometimes you’ve love what you do this – that way…

    Initial saving go with saving account and don’t expect much.

    Investment go for small properties/plot (don’t buy flat/shop) they’ll be in your budget and help you get better returns than bank in a safe manner when done it with all legal paper work.

    Buy second one…

    Sell first one after buying second and build a tiny bunglow on second one with the money you got from the first one…

    Then sell the entire package…


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