Due Respect !

On social media, he says, “Anyone having anxiety , come and talk to me

When going to him for talking anxiety , most of them says , “I dont have time, who is he“!

On social media, when someone posts about helping job seekers, there are 1000s of likes and beautiful comments

When someone in genuine reaches out these comment writers for job referral, there’s no “yes/no/I don’t know/I can’t help/sorry/will let you know/connect other person for this” , there is rather complete silence

On social media “everyone shows off their job designations and seems to have reached where they wanted to be

While in reality, “no one wants to genuinely and publically talk about immoral things happening extremely

I myself am a job seeker since pandemic, and each time I open portals like LinkedIn, I end up shutting the app down and getting even more depressed, because majority posts there are so fake, unnatural, which the one writing would also not mean them.

Whomsoever reading this post and can help a job seeker even by referring him, or just by replying that he is not the right person to help, trust me, the job seeker would still thank you as at least you have replied to him and paid heed to what he wanted to ask, by not ignoring him and giving him due respect.

Author: an observer

A person who feel relaxed by writing and reading writeups of amazing writers worldwide!

21 thoughts on “Due Respect !”

  1. Social media can’t trusted most the time. People seem to love creating a totally different persona to impress and engage, which is truly sad. I’m hoping you won’t give up. Wishing you would find something that won’t only compensate you in monetary terms but also fulfill your soul.

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  2. LinkedIn is not good for finding jobs. What it is good they have a list of Employment Agents and you can get your name on their lists. This is what you have to do. LinkedIn most of their posts are boring repeat google memes getting like facebook.

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