Know Holi before Playing Holi !

Hi folks

Well from the title, let me first tell you what is “Holi”, with few pictures below –

It is a festival of colors which is a 2 day festival actually, celebrated because Hiranyakashyapu ( A demon) conspired with his sister named Holika, to kill his own little son named “Prahlad”.

Holika was having a magical shawl, which would help her survive even if she sits in fire. (Like the invisible shawl which Harry Potter had😅)

Little Prahlad was a devotee of Lord Vishnu (Ram/Krishna), which was not liked by his father Hiranyakashyapu, the demon. He tried his best to convert Prahlad not to worship lord vishnu, but little Prahlad continued doing that. So his father conspired with holika, that she should take little Prahlad on her lap, by wearing that magical shawl on herself only, so that little Prahlad may burn in fire.

But by the great mercy of lord vishnu, he saved little Prahlad, and holika inspite of wearing her magical shawl burnt in fire and little Prahlad got saved.

Later, the demon made a pillar of steel and made it really hot and ordered little Prahlad “go hug that pillar”. But from that pillar, Lord vishnu emergerd and took the attire of Lord Narsingh (half animal half human)as soon as Prahlad hugged that hot pillar, and killed Hiranyakashyapu.

Interestingly, Hiranyakashyapu , the demon , was having a boon from lord Brahma (the creator of universe) that he won’t die in day and night, with any tool, neither by animal, nor by human, neither on land, nor in air, nor in water, neither inside the palace nor outside the palace.

But Lord Vishnu (in the attire of lord narsingh) took him in the middle of the entry of his palace (neither inside the palace nor outside the palace), held him on his lap, in the time of evening and was killed using his big nails (all conditions exclusive of the one which would have prevented Hiranyakashyapu from dying, as mentioned above)

Innocence and devotion won over arrogance and Misuse of power.

Hiranyakashyapu would have used his power in doing great for the universe, but he ended up doing the opposite, as he was having the boon that he would never die, which was vanished by Lord Narsingh by killing him.

-This was written in Holy Book “Vishnu Puran”

Please do share it, it tells a lot to be Like Prahlad and not be like Hiranyakashyapu and Holika!