Pressure of peer.

Slowest poison of life, pressure of peer

Although it’s slow, but very severe

Believe it or not, even you are in its sphere

You may look strong, but inside, you fear

You always try not, but you still compare

It’s human mind, how to make it clear

Rank, position, Job, bank, my dear

This is only what you want to hear

Why not just have a glass of beer

Just 1 life my friend, think wise and give it a cheer.

Thank You for reading so far!

Comment down below if you were/are a part of this trap, what did you choose to do, OR, any decision you took out of peer pressure and regretted.

©copyright_whereabouts of Contemplation

Imperfectly perfect!

Hi folks!

There are very few people who would give you heart to heart advice (family and close friends), the rest will advice even when they are not being asked for. And especially on your body, the world would turn out to be fitness trainers and would eventually come out with million opinions. They see your body and not you.

So here it begins


Hey there, you are so obese

Avoid sandwich with mayonnaise and cheese

Just look at your love handles

Don’t yo think they have been mishandled

Just have a glance at that cellulite

You should hit the gym right away, alright!

You have got that double chin

Just get rid of that saggy skin


Thank you, for advising me how to be perfect

But have you realised how much it has affected?

Don’t you think, I know my body better than you

About my body and personality, I already knew

I request you to mind your own business

And about my body, let me and my family witness.

©copyright 2020_whereabouts of Contemplation

Back then!!

Do you remember the days when you used to tell your parents that you are a grown up person, when you were just 3 years old. We all wanted to grow up and now after growing up and being extremely busy with our schedules, we all would like to go back in those days, that is, our beautiful childhood. I love my life and am thankful for everything, but sometimes, do miss my childhood.

So Here it is –

When you hit the bar of eighteen

Oh! You dream, now the life will be changing

You dream of college and driving and partying and dating

But do you realise the problems arriving?

Well, the obvious answer is, A BIG NO.

So many folks in your life will eventually come and go

Your life will be both fast paced and slow

Half of your life will be spent in offices and metro

At times, your only support is your pillow

Then you will finally realise, life was so good long ago.

©copyright 2020_whereabouts of Contemplation

Confusing soul!

Hey there, my soul
Why do keep on changing your role
Sometimes you want me to become an astraunaut
And somethings you say.. Matter not
Sometimes you say, do whatever you want
And sometimes you say, world will taunt
Sometimes you say, what if you fail in it
And sometimes… Uff… You say.. You will nail it
”World will follow you one day” , sometimes you tell
And the very next moment… ” don’t expect much ” you yell.

Oh boy, my confusing soul.

Hi there, well you have reached here by suffering even the worst situation. Everyday is not the same day.

So stay positive and keep working for your dream. Not this time but definitely next time.

Comment down if you have been through worst days of your life and how did you overcome them.

©copyright 2020_whereabouts of Contemplation


They left you when you believed they would stay

They left you when you needed their way

You were with them in their good and bad day

But in your case, you were left away!

Your eyes were in tears

Every minute used to seem years

But you knew that everything on this earth

Has high or little worth

You took time to understand what’s real and reel

But gradually, you became master of knowing what others feel!

Now when you look back and remember your past

You realised that time passed so fast!

Now when your hairs are getting grey

Even after being so close to death, you still smile anyways!

©copyright 2020_whereabouts of Contemplation


When things go wrong and they sometimes will

When the way is confusing and sometimes uphill

When life is full of twist and turn

When it gives you wounds and burn

When situations are making you down a bit

Rest if you want but don’t quit

Let the best memories you have, heal their warm glow

The sorrow in your heart, with time, will surely go

Never think that this is the end

In life, God has just created a bend.


There is always some truth behind
“just kidding “

Emotions behind ” I don’t care”

Pain behind “it’s okay”

But you will always find people in your midway

If you talk to them and keep your virtue

Neither foes nor friends can ever hurt you

Just make your dream your master

Don’t take challenges like triumph and disaster

If an important person in your life is gone

Your will should say : “HOLD ON”

If you have the power to hear the truth people have spoken

Nothing can break you even if you are broken.

People may have loved your beauty with love being false or true

But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you

When you get old and full of sleep

You will definitely have thoughts in deep!

For heaven’s sake, give me a break!

Hi there

Well my this poem is about my current mental state and my observation about my own life. Sometimes, we face some situations which makes us feel highly frustrated, and we don’t feel like talking to any one as we feel both hopeless and speechless. Writing poems actually acts as a stress reliever for me, and from this poem, you may find me a pessimistic person, but it’s not like that, I belong to the fraternity of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, and we are used to such mood swings 😆.
So here it is-

My life, being precise

Wherein audit and tax returns are more then deadlines

Living in India where tax system is a huge mess

Life is now confined with interest, penalty,
surcharge and cess

No one is ready to listen, be it Institute or boss

Oh, for my life, my fingers are crossed

People say, ‘be positive’

But it’s people and their behaviour which turns out it to be negative

People say ‘everything happens for a reason’

But I really want to know the reason that makes it happen.

Sacrificing enjoyment, Tuition, sometimes sleeping

Most people are lucky that they can’t hear what I’m thinking.

You may be wandering

That my life is upsetting

But I have written something

Which you also know that it’s true, but would not be pretending.

It’s My humble request, for heaven’s sake

Give me a break.

Too glam to give a damn!

Roses aren’t always red
Violet aren’t always blue
The society that we live in
Never seems to speak the truth

Smiles aren’t always happy
Frowns aren’t always upset
people judge too quickly
And our feelings are what they forget

Life of a person is an open book which you may see
But you never know that it can be a big mystery
Time teaches you something profound
You can see a lot clearer when you backs on the ground.

But here is 1 simple rule to deal with it man
You are too glam to give it a damn
Feel the approaching winds of change
Be beautiful and never strange
Show them what you knew
Do that which they think you can’t do.

Fight N Friendship

Sometimes we fight, stop talking TO each other

But we are always busy talking ABOUT him or her

We find some people enjoying the fight

And some of them thinks that it’s not going right

This condition just makes us feel tense

So does fight really make any sense?

Every problem has a solution

So why to dissolve friendship just because of a small confusion!

These fights are nothing but devastating and massive

It leads us nowhere but makes us think passive.

Friendship is the dearest gift of nature we’ve ever had

It always makes us feel happy and never sad!

So sort the problems and Bury them in sand

We never know, when life is gonna end !