Do you like your job ? (Be honest 😅)

Hi everybody. Well I am back, after a long time, but before anything, I would like to tell my wordpress family that i got a job, which I was looking for since months, in october 2020. Although the job is absolutely related to my professional studies, but I never wanted exactly that profile and location. But, ummmm, there were 2 things,

1. The company is reputed and its name in your future resume matters a whole lot. And we got to respect an employer who believed you in the tough times.

2. And, to be honest, peer pressure overpowered me. I wasn’t able to resist because my friends had job and I did not. So, I took the job.

But, I mean to each his own, there’s one thing which I realised the most in this 1 month. I realised that why most of the people do not like their jobs.😅😂 but they still do it (and yes, I am also included in these people😂)

One thing, to reach up in a big corporate, apart from giving your 100%, you definitely need 1 kind of person – A mentor. These people are very rare, and the moment you find them, never let go them from your life until you/they die(whichever is earlier, LOL😂).

Well, to me, I like that job which not just only talks, but also makes sure that work life balance is maintained, because that’s my first priority.

A question to my readers, if you have done any job, what’s the thing that you have realised the most, and most importantly, do you like your job ??? Waiting for your comments


Author: an observer

A person who feel relaxed by writing and reading writeups of amazing writers worldwide!

6 thoughts on “Do you like your job ? (Be honest 😅)”

    1. Thanks so much. I am actually dealing with mid 20 crises (I am 22 years old) and instead of thinking that life is a race, I have now realised that it’s a different race for each and every Individual , having their own finishing line, own pace of moving forward. Life is rather a journey.

      Peer pressure led me that even I wanna earn this much, and when I stepped into their shows,(the corporate world) I realised every one is just rushing, and rushing, comparing, no clue of what are we doing, but just doing..and doing.

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      1. These are wise words. Yes, for sure, life is a different journey for everyone.
        It is great that you have realized this at such a young age.
        May God bless you on your journey. 🤗⚘

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  1. I’m a teaching assistant working in a secondary school. This is my 4th year, honestly yes, I do love my job. I hope to make a difference to their lives! And hopefully bring a smile to their face. However, there are days where I feel so stressed because of the workload and constant nagging at teenagers. Some days are better than others depending on the subject……
    as much as it’s time consuming and hard at times I don’t think I would ever change it as there is never a dull moment 🙂

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  2. 10 years 7 month Experience holder here in HR domain…I love my job very much but it’s always the bosses and now the top management people who make me go nuts.. love your work.. company will change boss will change…

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