You are not alone ! Are you ?

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Few things I have observed myself or witnessed and relate myself… just wanted to know as to whether you relate to these situations or not!!

1. If you watch beautiful travel vlogs and imagine yourself to be at that place and walking 1000s of miles,
but you get annoyed the moment you sit on your bed/chair and you hear your mom calling you to give her glasses which is just 10 steps away…..

you are not alone.

2. If any situation in your life takes just one step out of 1000 steps…in favourable direction..
and you start imagining yourself as if you crossed all 1000steps.. but then the reality turns out to be something you did not imagine

You are not alone.

3. If you happens to go to a birthday party you always wanted to go… and you are talking to yourself in the mirror while getting ready …by considering the mirror as those people you want to talk to at that party…and creating a whole script of conversation in your mind
But then after attending the party, you realise that those people did not even pay any heed to your presence (#groupism)

You are not alone.

4. If someone has referred your candidature in a job … and you imagine whole interview and wanting to take it into your direction and fetch that job … but you do not even get an interview call from talent acquisition panel for months

You are not alone.

5. If you start to like a guy just by looking at him in the workplace or school corridor…somehow get to know his name to stalk him on facebook…and imagining as if “he wants you in his life and wants you to be his girlfriend
..but in reality he is not even aware of your existence on this planet

You are not alone.

6. If you generate hatred for someone just on the basis of what others feel about her….but she was the one who shared her umbrella with you while at the bus stand on the day when it was heavily raining..and not your friends…
And then you realise how wrong were you

You are not alone.

Learnings in 22 years till date

1. Fantasizing and creating stories in your mind may just help you to disappear from reality, but wouldn’t change it. Try facing reality. It would make you strong.

2. Before speaking..make sure that your words are true, make sense and are necessary. If any 1 of these is missing, give your sentence a second thought.

3. If you are listening to someone telling a secret of others, he is definitely telling your secrets to others.

4. Strangers would try to help you more than your relatives. If you do not believe, try LinkedIn, you will surely realise over a course of time.

5. Relatives would just pretend that they care and gives you the finest of advise, but in most cases (not all cases) they are advising you something they would never give to their children.

They pretend that they did so much for you but apparently , they used us much more for them and publically displaying their nothingness to heavy favours towards us.

If you find them relatable..I would love to read in the comments below as #relatable.


Author: an observer

A person who feel relaxed by writing and reading writeups of amazing writers worldwide!

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