Remember that uniform?! (Part 1)

Aloha folks.

From past few days, I am really missing the days of my childhood and school, (may be because of all this mess around the world of covid, earthquakes, cyclones, media, encounters, etc and the mess of job hunt in my life already) so i opened pinterest and started reading childhood quotes.

There came some photos in front of me which compelled me to write this post and share them with my wordpress family.

I am pretty sure that the moment you see these photos , you will also remember your “SCHOOL DAYS” and “THAT SCHOOL UNIFORM” which we hated while in school but now, wanting to wear them and go back in those days.

These photos made my day today 😅😀

So did you relate your school days to any of these photos? If yes, I would love to know the best part from your school days in the comments below.

Like I used to love group presentations where the teacher used to sit on the last bench and watch every student speak in front of mates giving hilarious presentations without being prepared. 😂😂😂

If this post is relatable, share it with your school buddies and remember those lovely memories of bunking classes , becoming class monitor, becoming teacher’s favourite or most notorious kid of the class, recess, snatching food, finishing lunch box before recess, collecting funds from class mates for a project, group presentations, pen fight, giving a pen or a pencil to class mates and never getting it back, school bag, exam bag, uniform, identity card, medical checkup, computer class, so and and so forth, this list is endless.


Stay safe.


Author: an observer

A person who feel relaxed by writing and reading writeups of amazing writers worldwide!

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