We Multifaceted

Hey folks, hope you all are safe during this dreadful time of Corona, toxic media, fake news, earth quakes, cyclones, business losses, clever government and firing out of jobs, which is in trend at the moment!

So On 14th June 2020, one of the amazing actor of Bollywood committed suicide “sushant singh rajput” who was just 34 years old and materially, had everything that one would dream about. I am not going into the detail as to why he took such step but my concern in the poem is when the social media got flooded with mental well  being messages where thousands of them were just copy and paste. And ,many of them who were posting such messages on their social media handles do not even bother to reply you on WhatsApp for weeks and days.

This poem is based on we humans who have multiple faces, different in front of different people, not trying to be ourself! Here it is-

•We say ” he died of depression, he should have talked to one of us “
•But Poor human, we,behind his back, used to call him disgust
•We used him to just get our commitments done
•We have never talked of something which has led his mental peace to burn
•We say ” don’t judge a book only by its cover “
•But we have judged everyone from their attire, car, job, bank, body, house, spouse and color
•Before judging them, we need to first rediscover
•What we say , do we genuinely feel
•Or are we just pretending in reel ?
•Writing mental well being quotes on   social media like an appeal
•Better we first learn how to heal and be healed !

Even I many a times feel disheartened and broken due to things not going in my way, and not just me but so many. We humans need to openly and genuinely talk about this without any example to refer in real life , right !

I hope you get the message I am trying to communicate. Would like to read your thoughts about the same, so please do comment your view point.

Press like only if you genuinely liked and read it till the end.

Thanks for stopping by. KEEP OBSERVING AND RESPONDING.😇💚✌🙏🧚‍♀️.

Author: an observer

A person who feel relaxed by writing and reading writeups of amazing writers worldwide!

21 thoughts on “We Multifaceted”

  1. A relevant post especially after a cacophony of noises that surrounded Sushant’s untimely death. Much appreciated and thanks for sharing

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  2. World seems to very scary place at present, so much manipulation and everyone trying to be expert. I thought to write Blog on SushantSinghRajput but then I didn’t wrote one – you know why? Because I was thinking how can I write Blog on him when I missed movie like Chichore and kedarnath. Chose to watch movies like Gully boy and Sanju, but after watching Chichore I realised and I was thinking how I missed to watch it in theatre. I watched his interviews and now thinking that where were these interviews hidden when he was alive. How I missed those wonderful interviews of such an intelligent person. I saw him once in my gym and other time in cafe but why I didn’t followed him on social media. This is lesson to all of us and bollywood one should not ignore fine talent.

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    1. So true. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We humans realise the worth of something or someone when he or she is not with us. I lost one of my friend who was 20 years old, in a road accident in pune a couple of months ago, although we were not in contact, but after getting this news, I was like, why did we stop talking to each other, like the times we used to talk while playing gully cricket in our colony garden, and creating plans of who is gonna bat first.


  3. I did read it to the end, and I liked it. I think if we begin to have empathy for others, it leads to us talking and getting empathy from others.
    “No man is an island.”

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  4. Very sad to think of someone who seemed to have a good life committed suicide, the pain of his reality must have been great and it says a lot about his family and close friends who neglected him at a time when he most needed them.

    I have been broken on the inside not talking to anyone I had to pull myself up and build my own resilience with the Divine nobody to lean on or a shoulder to cry. I rarely cry nobody to hear and when there was someone to hear they closed their hearing and silenced my cries. Over time you learn to be stronger and at the end of the day all of this hardship and harshness has made me very strong.

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    1. That’s so amazing. At least you do not need any body to heal your pain, you have you. And that’s very true that people would open their mouth and ears for themselves , they would silence others cries.

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