Keeping calm is getting a little tougher

Keeping calm is getting tougher and tougher each day. Well this unseen undreamt and unwanted enemy which has been named covid 19 is examining a whole lot of patience of sapiens.

It can be a little depressing poem as it contains the reality which no news channel can show. It can just be realised,  so brace yourself!

Although mankind is trying his level best to keep himself and others motivated. However, there is a limit to everything . Stuff like ” Everything is gonna be alright”, “everyday is not the same day “,” with every night, follows a morning “.. So on and so forth…. Have honestly started frustrating me a little bit, the basic reason is of course being locked down for more than 40 days (here in India) now and (being unemployed even when you are fully competent.. By competent I mean I am a recently qualified Chartered Accountant, and which is one of the toughest courses in India) , and God knows for how many more days. Even after trying my best to keep myself engaged with some or the other stuff, it is difficult for me to knowingly not see the reality.

Hats off to the people who have kept themselves absolutely motivated till date, but, I being a little frustrated, thought of writing my heart out and also my practical observations, so here it is –

°People having enough money have no means to spend
°People wanting money have no means to earn
°People, having clean hands still not shake hand
°People’s smile, is now hidden
°Air is pure but mask is mandatory
°no long drives even when roads are empty
°People having enough time can’t plan to travel or get together
°Rise in both.. Corona divorces and Corona babies
°Work from home has made people forget even weekends
° cooking in household is like crazy, but you can’t invite any
°rise in patients and people dying
°we can’t even say a final good bye

I know this post is depressing but I just wanted to relieve my heavy heart from all this mess around all of us.

Stay safe and stay tuned folks. And yes, try to keep calm! I am trying not to loose my patience.

Author: an observer

A person who feel relaxed by writing and reading writeups of amazing writers worldwide!

47 thoughts on “Keeping calm is getting a little tougher”

  1. Hi Rupal, I can totally relate to how you feel about this whole Covid19 situation. It is definitely a test of my patience being stick at home too. Hope things improve soon for everyone in this world. Nicely written post 😊

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  2. You capture the emotion and experience of many of us all. You write beautifully and though it’s an emotive poem you still sign off with optimism, positivity and hope! I’m following your blog now so please follow mine too!

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  3. Oh, we all can relate to what you are saying. These are indeed very stressful times.
    Do read my pathbreaking articles with over 300000 views in 200 countries. The article is in two parts:
Warm regards.

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