You drive or driven?

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Are you the one who drives or the one who is driven?

Just think for a while and give your own definition

To help you with this a tiny bit, here is my edition!

The ones who drive have their own opinion

They have their own word and composition

They would not just speak and listen

Rather, they would first consider ifs and precondition

And then apparently would reach their own conclusion.

The ones who are driven

Often keep their words hidden

Would listen to majority and make an addition

But wouldn’t make their own preposition

Aloha fellas! 🙂 I wish you all are safe and doing pretty well during this global pendamic.

Since you are reading this line, so I am assuming that you have read the poem written above. I would just like to clarify the context that –

1. Right is right even when no one’s doing and wrong is wrong even if everyone’s doing.

2. When you listen to others, also try to investigate on your own and speak your own mind, not just get driven away by what others are saying or portraying in front of you about a situation or person.

©rupal garg_2020

Comment down below about your take on this context or have you come across such people, because I certainly have come across many people like that, which in such a free time, made me write a poem on this realised aspect of my life!

Author: an observer

A person who feel relaxed by writing and reading writeups of amazing writers worldwide!

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