Imperfectly perfect!

Hi there, so I am back with another poem, this is based on my personal experience on something I faced several times till date, which is none other than BODY SHAMING.

There are very few people who would give you heart to heart advice (family and close friends), the rest will advice even when they are not being asked for. And especially on your body, the world would turn out to be fitness trainers and would eventually come out with million opinions. They see your body and not you.

So here it begins


Hey there, you are so obese

Avoid sandwich with mayonnaise and cheese

Just look at your love handles

Don’t yo think they have been mishandled

Just have a glance at that cellulite

You should hit the gym right away, alright!

You have got that double chin

Just get rid of that saggy skin


Thank you, for advising me how to be perfect

But have you realised how much it has affected?

Don’t you think, I know my body better than you

About my body and personality, I already knew

I request you to mind your own business

And about my body, let me and my family witness.

Author: Whereabouts of Contemplation

A person who feel relaxed by writing and reading writeups of amazing writers worldwide!

11 thoughts on “Imperfectly perfect!”

  1. People are so focused on the exterior, well I used to be very fit and slim always at the gym and pool. Then I started with ME weight went out the window and so did the exercises. Slowly I have gained my shape but took ages and ages of working through inner issues and the layer began to peel away. Instead of poking fun at how a person looks their focus should be on how their inner looks often to me very dark not something to be proud of.

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  2. Whatever shape or size a man or woman are, whatever other people say, you are a human being and that makes you beautiful and perfect in every way, the human body is a miracle of life, embrace and love your life, no matter what you look like.

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